Strobaya by candra

Fanart of a Zuburoka (Strobaya) by Candra

Zuburoka (ズブロッカ) is the collective name of the group of blonde amazon warrior enemies who appear in the 1989 Sega arcade game Golden Axe.

Armed with a norse battle axe, and wearing leather boots, corset and helmet of matching color, they form the cavalry unit of Death Adder's army riding various types of flightless dragon. Their appearance in game depicts them as being of medium athletic build with powerful thighs, although in some of the official box art they are illustrated as being heavily muscled amazons.

They are sadists who enjoy inflicting pain, and love watching it being inflicted. This is shown when they laugh if they knock down or kill the protagonists. They also appear to take delight in tormenting defenceless villagers. In the second stage of the game the heroes arrive at a destroyed village where we see one of the zuburokas riding after a group of villagers. We see another laughing as a prone female villager is kicked by one of the male antagonists. The game's female protagonist Tyris Flare is said to be of from a rival amazon tribe to the Zuburoka.

The Zuburoka fight aggressively and appear to be the physical match of the male low level enemies. It is possible for the player to knock a Zuburoka off her mount and then to ride the mount against her.

There are 4 variants each recognizable by their costume color: Storchinaya (blue), Strobaya (green), Lemanaya (red) and Gruziya. The names Zuburoka, Storchinaya, Strobaya, and Lemanaya are derived from brands of vodka: Żubrówka, Stolichnaya, Stolovaya, and Limonnaya. Gruziya is an old name of Georgia, a country known for its wine.

Amazon 1 - Golden Axe
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