The evil Zoraida

Zoraida is the villainess of the 2012 hidden object game The Revenge.

Story Edit

Zoraida TR

Zoraida in the backstory

Long ago, the terrible witch Zoraida was captured and sentenced to death by the royal family. In the last moments before her execution, Zoraida swore she one day would return from the dead to have her revenge on them and their entire kingdom.

Now, 100 years later, she keeps her promise and suddenly returns, magically kidnapping the infant prince from the queen’s arms and injuring the king with a lightning spell. The prince is to be be sacrificed by Zoraida to fully regain all her evil powers.

The Revenge

Queen Elisa about to defeat the unsuspecting Zoraida

The good Queen Elisa embarks on a journey to find a way to save her firstborn child from Zoraida's vengeance. She needs to save several cursed souls trapped by Zoraida’s evil power and garner their help to defeat the witch. Elisa succeeds to sabotage the ritual at the last moment and destroys Zoraida forever.

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