Zoey Kruger

The evil Zoey Kruger

Zoey Kruger (Christina Cox) was a villainess from the Showtime series, Dexter. She appeared in "Dex Takes a Holiday," the fourth episode of Season Four in 2009.

Zoey Kruger was a police officer who was too much in love with her job. She was married with a daughter, but feeling trapped, she killed her husband and daughter in cold blood. Dexter encounters Zoey while he's on vacation, but after learning about her, she becomes his next mission. Zoey is later confronted again by Dexter, who stated that he has all of the evidence that proved that she killed her husband and daughter. In response, Zoey stated that she'll set Dexter up with claims that he was stalking her and planning to sexually assault her. Zoey ends up captured by Dexter, while still believing that he plans to rape her. She attempted to gain sympathy from Dexter, stating that she wanted out and that he could actually feel what she felt when she killed her husband and daughter. Despite her pleas, Zoey was stabbed to death in the chest by Dexter.

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