Zoe Parsons

The psychotic Zoe Parsons

Zoe Parsons (Nicholle Tom) is the main villainess from "My Hero," the 14th episode of Stalker (airdate January 28, 2015). She is the best friend and roommate of the episode's protagonist, lifeguard Nicole Clark, who saved her life five years prior to the episode's events. On that day, Zoe jumped into the Santa Monica pier (a suggested suicide attempt), and since being saved by Nicole, she developed a twisted adoration for her.

Zoe's obsession led her to go after anyone she felt was an obstacle between her and Nicole. She targeted Nicole's fiancee, Dave Clark, in the beginning of the episode, donning a hooded disguise and leading him to chase her in a hall of mirrors after making off with his engagement ring for Nicole. Later in the episode, Zoe went after Dave again, this time killing him by setting him on fire. She also attacked Mike Harris, another lifeguard and Nicole's ex-boyfriend, when she saw him and Nicole chatting at the beach one night. Nicole vented to Zoe about everything that was happening to her at their home, unaware that Zoe was the cause of it all. Zoe also staged a break-in to their apartment, and appeared to "save" Nicole from her attacker. As revealed later on, Zoe had used Mike's lighter to kill Dave in an attempt to frame him for the murder.

Nicole finally learned the truth about Zoe when they walked down the pier together. While showing her appreciation to Nicole for saving her years ago, Zoe professed her love for Nicole, and even proposed to her. Nicole turned down Zoe's proposal, stating that they are just friends, which prompted the psychotic villainess to hold her at knifepoint, after Nicole realized that Zoe was behind everything. Zoe stated that she did it all for Nicole and tried to force her to jump off the pier with her, stating that it would be the only way that they could be together forever. Nicole fought off her attacker and picked up the knife, right before Beth and the rest of her team arrived. After attempting to jump from the pier, Zoe was arrested and taken into custody, while continuing to profess her love for Nicole.

Trivia Edit

  • Zoe Parsons is similar to Criminal Minds villainess Maggie Lowe, as both of them harbored obsessive romantic feelings for women. Both of them also stalked the object of their affections, and resorted to murdering those they considered a threat to their crushes.
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