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Zel (Cree Summer) is one of the main villains of Bratz: Genie Magic. She is a terrorist working with Khan to cause global warming, and is trying to get the French government to give her and Khan money, and pressures the genie Katia (Tara Strong) to give Paris bad weather. She and Khan take Yasmin (Dionne Quan) and Cloe (Olivia Hack) hostage, tie them up to erase their memories so they will become slaves, and try to freeze Katia's father to death. Sasha (Tia Mowry) and Jade (Soleil Moon Frye) rescue Cloe, Yasmin and the father, and Zel betrays Khan and steals the money. She tries to escape in her helicopter, but Katia latches on. Zell tries to out-maneuver Katia, and escapes scot-free in the process.

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