Enemies - Tengai Makyou II
Listed below, are the female regular enemies and non-story bosses encountered in the 1992 PC Engine CD RPG "Tengai Makyou II: Manji Maru" (天外魔境II 卍MARU) by developer Hudson.

Princess Kuchinawa (くちなわ姫)Edit

The boss of Kiyohime Shrine and one of several powerful enemies that major villain Kikugoro enlists the aid of. Princess_Kuchinawa_3_-_Tengai_Makyou_II.png Princess_Kuchinawa_4_-_Tengai_Makyou_II.png

Princess Kuchinawa 1 - Tengai Makyou II
Princess Kuchinawa 2 - Tengai Makyou II

Haru Kyouran (春狂乱)Edit

Haru_Kyouran_3_-_Tengai_Makyou_II.png Haru Kyouran 4 - Tengai Makyou II Haru_Kyouran_2_-_Tengai_Makyou_II.png

Koito Mushi (紅糸虫)Edit

Koito Mushi 5 - Tengai Makyou II
Koito Mushi 7 - Tengai Makyou II
Koito Mushi 3 - Tengai Makyou II

Ma Umi Boshi (魔海母子)Edit

Ma Umi Boshi 2 - Tengai Makyou II

Reiketsu Tenshi (冷血天使)Edit

Reiketsu Tenshi 2 - Tengai Makyou II

Unabara no Komoriuta (海原の子守歌)Edit

Unabara no Komoriuta 2 - Tengai Makyou II

Yami no Otohime (闇の乙姫)Edit

Yami no Otohime 4 - Tengai Makyou II


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