Listed below, are the female regular enemies encountered in "Silva Saga" (シルヴァ・サーガ), a fantasy RPG developed for the Famicom in 1992 by SETA. 

Buzz (バズ) and DolgorEdit

Buzz is a close minion of the game's main antagonist, Zuhl and is fought as a boss inside of his castle. Dolgor is fought as an optional boss, guarding a treasure chest in the White Tower dungeon.

Buzz 1 Silva Saga

Buzz (left) and Dolgor (right)

Buzz 2 Silva Saga

Facing Buzz in the castle

Edda (エッダ)Edit

Encountered as a boss in the first Island Cave dungeon.

Edda 1 Silva Saga

Edda battle sprite

Edda 2 Silva Saga

Edda, before battle


Encountered as a boss in the third Island Cave dungeon.

Arames 1 Silva Saga

Arames battle sprite

Arames 2 Silva Saga

Before battle

Succubus (サキュバス) and Death Lady (デスレディ)Edit

Encountered as regular enemies in the Cave of Rock dungeon (Succubus) and the first Island Cave dungeon (Death Lady). 

Succubus 1 Silva Saga


Death Lady 1 Silva Saga

Death Lady

Winter (ヴィナター)

Encountered as regular enemies around villages Dorn and Noland.

Winter 1 Silva Saga


Nereid (ネーレイド) and Mermaid (マーメイド)

Encountered as regular enemies in the sea areas of the overworld.

Nereid 1 Silva Saga


Mermaid 1 Silva Saga


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