Monsters - Moldorian
Listed below are the female regular enemies encountered in "Moldorian: Hikari to Yami no Sister" (モルドリアン ~光と闇の姉妹~), a fantasy RPG developed for the Game Gear in 1994 by Sega.

Devil Dancer (デビルダンサー)Edit

Devil Dancer - Moldorian

Devil's PawnEdit

Devil's Pawn - Moldorian

Fog DemonEdit

Fog Demon - Moldorian

Harpy (ハーピー)Edit

Harpy - Moldorian


Hydre - Moldorian

Interceptor (インターセプター)Edit

Interceptor - Moldorian

Mist (ミスト)Edit

Mist - Moldorian

Poison Gas (ポイズンガス)Edit

Poison Gas - Moldorian
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