Listed below, are the female regular enemies and non-story boss characters encountered in "Final Fantasy VI" (ファイナルファンタジーVI), a fantasy RPG developed for the Super Famicom in 1994 by Squaresoft. The story revolves around a group of four warriors who fight to protect the magic crystals of their world from an ancient evil.

Lower resolution sprites are of the GameBoy Advance enhanced port, while the higher resolution are from the IOS remake.

Charmy Rider (チャーミーライド)Edit

Charmy Rider 1 FFVI

Charmy Rider

Charmy Rider 2 FFVI

Encountered in Cyan's Dream.

Coco (ココ), Misty (ミスティ), Virginity (ヴァージニティ), Level 80 Magic (まほうレベル80) and Silvune (シルビューヌ)Edit

Misty 1 FFVI

Misty and Level 80 Magic

Coco 1 FFVI


Coco 2 FFVI

Encountered in Cyan's Dream.

Misty 2 FFVI

Encountered in Owzer's House/the Fanatic's Tower.

Silvune 1 FFVI


Virginity 1 FFVI


Virginity 2 FFVI

Encountered in Kefka's Tower.

Silvune 2 FFVI

Encountered in the secret dungeon Dragon's Den.

Chadarnook (チャダルヌーク)Edit

Chadarnook 1 FFVI
Chadarnook 2 FFVI

Encountered in Owzer's House


One part that makes up the Statue of the Gods boss fight which takes place directly before the final boss of the game.

Lady 1 FFVI


Lady 2 FFVI

Lady 3 FFVI

Official concept art

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