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Zahira (Moira Orfei) is a secondary villainess in the 1962 Peplum film, "Kerim, Son of the Sheik".

Zahira is the ruthless adversary of the evil Omar (Alberto Farnese) who is seeking to become Khadive by killing off his adversaries.  With the help of Zahira, he kidnaps Fawzia (Christina Gaioni), the favorite niece of the current Khadive.  After marrying Fawzia, he plans to eliminate her so he can marry Zahira and rule the land.

Omar's policies result in the death of Laila (Maria Grazia Spina).  Kerim (Gordon Scott), Laila's brother becomes Omar's sworn enemy, becoming the "Black Shiek", or a modern day Robin Hood of the desert.  Kerim rallies various tribes in a revolt against Omar and Zahira.

Zahira is nearly strangled to death when she backs up against the prison bars in the dungeon, and a woman (Jany Clair) begins to put a death grip on her.  She is saved by Omar.

In the end, a simple slave-girl named Selima (Lulla Selli) throws a dagger into the back of Zahira, killing her.


  • Moira Orfei appeared as Attea in the 1961 Peplum film "Ursus".
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  • Moira Orfei appeared as Pasiphae, the Witch n the 1964 Peplum film "Hercules vs the Giant Warriors".