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Sakasagami no Yura is a hair demon in the manga and anime series Inuyasha. She was well as the first demon to appear as a serious threat to the main protagonist Inuyasha.

Personality Edit

Although she only briefly appeared, Yura has a distinct personality. She worshipped hair, especially that of Inuyasha, whom has particularly lovely hair in her eyes. She was also quite confident of herself, thinking herself extremely powerful, which she was. She was also very comfortable with her body, maybe to the point of even being openly flirtatious. Her outfit is very revealing, and could suggest such a flirtatious outlook.

Outfit Edit

Yura ties her hair up using a red ribbon, and adorns a black ribbon choker, tied at the back of her neck in a bow. She is seen wearing traditional kunoichi (female ninja) garb. Her ninja tunic is black and sleeveless, is cut off midway down her thighs, and exposes the cleavage of her large breasts. She also wears a bright yellow sash which ties at the front of her outfit. Yura wears thin, tight, black gloves on both of her hands. They are holstered by her middle fingers and extend beyond her wrists, just short of mid-forearm. They are more decorative in nature rather than serving as actual "guards", as per what most ninja wore at the time. She wears tight, black cloths acting as foot guards on both of her legs. They started midway up her shins down to her middle toes, each held by thin straps at the bottom arches of her feet. They are also more decorative in nature rather than serving as actual "guards", leaving her practically barefoot. Her wakizashi sword Benigasumi was holstered on her left hip. Her comb was normally wielded in her right hand.



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