The unnamed Young Woman is an evil babe from the episode Long Live the King (S03 E11) of the series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. She is played by Min Windle.


The Young Woman is a street robber. She pretends to be harassed by two guys. When Iolaos arrives, he helps her and defeats the guys. She takes a club and knocks him out from behind. They take Iolaos to their lair an bound him. He frees himself an attackts the to guys. One of the guys tries to hit Iolaos with a shovel, who ducks and the shovel hits the female robber in the face. The young woman gets up dizzy with her nose bleeding. Just to get accidentially knocked down again. While the 2 men are laying defeated on the floor, the woman tries it a third time. She takes a clup but Iolaos just pushes the clup out of her hands.Iolaos stand right in front of her and tells her "You guys should work on your people skills" and walks away.

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