Villainess (Злодейка) 101 - Yoshizawa Miho

Villainess (Злодейка) 101 - Yoshizawa Miho

Yoshizawa Miho (Shi Yanfei) is a Japanese spy in 2016 action comedy For a Few Bullets.


A con man and a Chinese government agent each have their own reasons for trying to recover a historical artifact from agents of Japan.

Yoshizawa Miho kills Zhang Peng in a ambigious sexual scene. As she is about to shoot another local, the Chinese spy arrives and they engage in a shootout. More locals intervene and she kicks one who sneaks a view at her undergarments. However, she is held by numerous locals as she yelps in fear. She is bound and gagged and the locals laugh at her aboard the train.

Later, they meet their kaishakunin. Terrified, she tries to kill herself but is pinned by two katanas. Then, she attempts to seduce her torturer by unbuttoning her shirt. She turns into a hidden wall to reveal thousands of severed heads as she gasps in fear.

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