Yodogumi 1 Live A Live

Yodogumi's true form.

Yodogumi (淀君)
is a secondary antagonist in the 1994 Super Famicom fantasy RPG "Live A Live" by developer Squaresoft.

Yodogumi is discovered in Oboro's chapter, surrounded by four ninja who look to attack her. This is, however, a trap. Once the hero party dispatches the ninja, the princess is quick to offer her gratitude. If Oboro rejects her advances, a short battle ensues and she is killed. If Oboro falls for it, however, a much harder battle with her true form takes place.

Yodogumi 2 Live A Live
Yodogumi 3 Live A Live

Yodogumi 5 Live A Live

Concept art for the chapter featuring Yodogumi.

Yodogumi 4 Live A Live
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