The evil Yana

Yana (Sarain Boylan) is the main villainess of "He Sleeps with the Chips", episode 1.09 of  Republic of Doyle (airdate March 17, 2010). She was a drug queen who arranged for chip truck co-owner Sid Bavis to hold on to a shipment of cocaine for her.

Later on, though, the truck was stolen by pseudo-gangster group "709 Click", with member Samantha planning to sell the cocaine for her gang. With Sid unable to give her the cocaine back, Yana arranged for her henchmen to kidnap Sid to scare his partner Ziggy Putt into giving it back, later calling him and threatening to kill Sid if he didn't hand over her package in two hours.

With the help of Jake Doyle (a private detective and old friend of Ziggy's) and his associate Des Courtney, Ziggy was able to track down the stolen cocaine to 709 Click, only to find that the shipment had been burned by Samantha's father to protect her. With little time left to get Yana's supply together, the trio made a fake batch of cocaine to present to Yana, meeting up with her at the docks to make the exchange.

But as Ziggy handed over the fake drugs as the bound Sid walked over to Jake and Des, a panicked Ziggy confessed that the drugs were fake before trying to flee. But instead, Yana's henchmen grabbed Ziggy and dragged him away, with Yana pulling out a pistol and firing shots at Jake and Des. After taking Ziggy to the dock, the evil Yana put a plastic bag and began taping it over Ziggy's head to suffocate him to death, shooting Des when he and Jake came running to Ziggy's defense (with Jake surviving due to wearing a bullet proof vest). Shortly afterwards, however, Yana was disarmed and held at gunpoint by one of her henchman, who was revealed to be an undercover police officer. The police the undercover officer called in arrived shortly afterwards, arresting Yana and her criminal cohorts.


  • Sarain Boylan also appeared in the 2017 Lifetime film Mommy's Prison Secret as the evil Meghan Flanagan.


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