The demon Yamira (Peta Sergeant) is the main villainess from "Turned to Stone", episode 3.13 of Beastmaster.

Yamira is the tyrannical ruler over a village where the Beastmaster´s brother - who is turned into a goat - is being held. When the Beastmaster and Arina try to free his brother Yamira arrives and stops him, by demonstrating her powers turning a villager to stone with her petrifying gaze. She threatens the Beastmaster to turn him into stone too, but Dar´s ally the Sorceress stops her. Yamira and the Sorceress make a deal if Dar is able to fulfill three task for Yamira she will give him his brother back. If he fails Yamira will become the power of the Sorceress and she will turn the Beastmaster and his friends to stone and add them to her statue garden. After Dar manages to complete Yamira´s challenge, the demon breaks her word and try to turn the Beastmaster and his friends to stone. She is able to petrify Arina but Dar use the blade of his sword to reflect Yamira´s petrifying gaze and turning her to stone. After Yamira´s defeat Arina and all her former victims turn back to normal and the thankfully villager´s give the Beastmaster his brother.

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