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Hannah Wollcroft (Cat Run 2)

The Wolf

Wollcroft aka "The Wolf" (Vanessa Branch) is the main villainess of Cat Run 2, a 2014 direct-to-video American comedy action film. She's a traitorous businesswoman, which aims to keep a military secret involving the creation of supersoldiers. Wollcroft makes a separate deal with the Chinese government involving powered exoskeletons and betrays Dragnovic (heroine's mentor), killing him. Wollcroft now in a powered exoskeleton fights Tatiana who attempts to avenge the death of Dragnovic. Despite the suits enhancement, Wollcroft is outmatched and killed by Tatiana.

Chapter 1 : Business is Business

In her luxurious estate, Hannah Wollcroft does business with an invisible enemy. The scent of betrayal, power and dirty money come together in one person.

Chapter 2 : Always Be Close to Your Enemies

Her fortune immense, Wollcroft maintains all kinds of relationships with the powerful people of the world. Notably with politicians, and Dragnovic, the leader of a unit of elite assassins and spies, of which Tatiana (the heroine of the film) is part.

Chapter 3 : Pleasure to Betray

Now that she has taken action, Wollcroft knows that she will have to suppress the close entourage, and the witnesses ... Starting with Tatiana, Dragnovic's spiritual daughter.

Chapter 4 : Deadly Seduction

Why not have a little fun with the heroine's crush? Wollcroft is insulted by Anthony, then, she tries to tear him a kiss, but he rejects her ... Fatal mistake. She orders her men to remove their bodies in the ocean.

Chapter 5 : Money, Power, and Glory?

Hannah Wollcroft has never been so close to victory; She has just received her first prototype of an exoskeleton; Armor designed to match her size and shape, and make her invincible in battle.

Chapter 6 : Let the War Begin!

A sign of an upcoming conflict, a helicopter approaches the luxurious Wollcroft Palace. The cruel businesswoman orders her henchmen to kill anyone approaching, while she goes to put on her combat clothes.

Chapter 7 : The Flames of Hell

While these men are being decimated outside by the avenging trio of heroes led by Tatiana; Overconfident Wollcroft calmly prepares her armor. An impressive explosion outside forces her to hurry.

Chapter 8 : I'm Invincible

By donning her exoskeleton, Hannah Wollcroft thinks herself safe and assured of victory. She engages in a mortal fight with Tatiana which she is persuaded to win.

Chapter 9 : The Shadow of a Doubt

Wollcroft is hit for the first time in her fight against Tatiana, and she understands too late that there are rifts in her legendary armor. She then decides to kill her enemy as quickly as possible.

Chapter 10 : For Whom the Bell Tolls?

Too sure of her victory, Hannah Wollcroft lets her guard down as she delivers the final fatal blow. Tatiana takes the opportunity to stab her in the stomach. Wollcroft is fatally injured as she gets called a "Bitch" one last time by the avenging Tatiana.

Chapter 11 : Ding-Dong! The Bitch Is Dead

Mouth open, Wollcroft is unable to realize what is happening to her. All the electronic lights tell her, however, that she is going to die, and she collapses in a last breath of agony.