A page for the wiki admins to keep a list of female villains to investigate and/or consider for addition to the site. Regular users are free to use the comments section for corrections, suggestions and the like.

Name: Character name (if known)

Title: Title of the work the character appears in

Description: Any useful categories or other noteworthy details

Media: Format of the work (Anime/Live Action/Video Game/etc.)

Tier: Guesstimate of criteria (FB = Freud Buster, N = Normal, MH = Mostly Heel, B = Blog). Lowercase used if not certain.

Name Title Description Media Tier
Naomi (ナオミ) Hareluya II Boy (Hareluya IIボーイ) human, cheater/hustler, attempted murder, humiliated Manga (ch. 171-181, 188), Anime (Ep. 22-24) n
Haruka Sanada (真田 遥) Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen Mae Hashutsujo


human, Kunoichi, humiliated Anime (Ep.282, 322) n
Natasla Champions: Return to Arms human, minion, opportunistic corruption, hegemony, non-battle, CG Game(PS2) n
Maron (マロン), Moona (ムーナ), Mel (メル), and Moorie (モーリー) "Chip Chan Kick!" (チップちゃんキィーック) human, henchwomen, boss, sprite Game(PC-FX) n
Olya Why Don't You Just Die! (Papa, sdokhni) Talked her boyfriend into attempting to kill her father, claiming that he had sexually abused her as a child, while in fact that was a lie, and she was just behind his money. Live Action(Film) FB
Aileen Gun Blaze human, final boss, sprite Game (PC98, Saturn) fb
Akuma-She Akuma-She human/demon, killer Comic, Manga n
Alcyone Magic Knight Rayearth human, henchwoman Manga, Anime(OVA) n
Aluminum Siren, Berthier, Calaveras, Chi and Phi, Heavy Metal Papillon, Iron Mouse, Koan, Lead Crow, Tin Nyanko, Petz Sailor Moon human, henchwoman Manga n
Anita and Faina (アニタ, フィーラ) Skies of Arcadia Legends human, impostors, attempted murder, redeemed, CG Game(GC) B
Arcane Guy: Double Target human, murderer, karma houdini Anime(OVA Ep. 2) fb
Atasha (アターシャ) Rescueman (タイムパトロール隊オタスケマン) human, comic villainess, humiliated Anime n
Baby Firefly House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects and 3 From Hell human, killer, karma houdini Live Action(Film) fb
Queen Badiane Sailor Moon human, deceased Anime(Film) fb
Queen ZZ Badnasty Gaiares human, leader, 2D Game(MD) fb
Badra Wonder Woman human Comic n
Lady Bane Adventures of the Gummi Bears human, sorceress Cartoon(TV) fb
Barua (バルア) Lunar: Strolling School (LUNAR さんぽする学園) human, deceased, sprite Game(GG, Saturn) fb
Big Mama Mitsuko, Lisa Minks and Killer Bee Katherine Bomber Girl Crush! human Manga n
Black Claw, Cobalt Claw, Dragon Panther, Panther Cobra, Tarantula Panther Cutie Honey humanoid beast, henchwoman Manga, Anime(TV) n
Blacksmith The Flash human Comic n
Marianna Blavatsky Return to Castle Wolfenstein human, undead, nazi, deceased, CG Game(PC) fb
Bonnie Gunsmith Cats human, deceased Manga n
Byunei Romancing Saga 3 human, boss, sprite Game(SFC) n
Camilla Palmer The Guardian human, deceased Live Action(Film) FB
Candy Tengai Makyou: Dai-Yon no Mokushiroku - The Apocalypse IV human, boss, sprite Game(Saturn, PSP) n
Sailor Chaos Sailor Moon human Manga FB
Charal Ewoks: The Battle for Endor human, witch Live Action(film) FB
Chilla Thundercats humanoid Cartoon(TV) n
Chloe and Elaine, Karin Angel Blade human Anime(OVA) n
Chontra Mummies Alive! human Cartoon(TV) n
Claudia Wolf Silent Hill 3 human, deceased, CG Game(PS2) B
Claudia Wolf Silent Hill Revelation human Live Action(Film) n
Dahlia Gillespie Silent Hill: Origins human, CG Game(PSP) FB
Dana Killing human Fumetti(Live Action) n
Dark Cloud Final Fantasy III human, final boss, sprite Game(Famicom) FB
Dark Hera (ダークヘラ) Super Bikkuriman (スーパービックリマン) human Anime(TV) n
Death Nurse Dengeki Nurse 2 human, boss, 2D Game(PC98) n
Lady Debonair (デボネア) Magic Knight Rayearth humanoid Anime(TV) n
Desiree D'Allure Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers humanoid mouse, gang leader, vamp, attempted murder Cartoon(TV) FB
Temptress, Digital Demon, Izzy Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose human Comic mh
Charity Le Domas Ready or Not human,attempted murder Live Action(Film) MH
Evelyn the Enchantress The Smurfs human Cartoon(TV S7E6) N
Bitch Pudding Robot Chicken superdeformed human Stop Motion(TV) FB
Mary Barrows Clock Tower human, motivated by child's wellbeing, sprite Game(SNES) B
Martha Splatterhead The Combatribes human cyborg, final boss, sprite Game(Arcade) n
Wool Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams, Cotton 2 human/demon, final boss, sprite Game(Arcade) n
Countess Draska Nishki Wonder Woman human Comic n
Elle Black Dungeon Buster, Dungeon Buster 2: Revive human, final boss (first game), evil protagonist (second game), sprite Game(PC88, PC98) n
Entrapta She-Ra and the Princesses of Power ('85) human Cartoon(TV) n
Eve Parasite Eve humanoid, CG Game(PS1) B
Eviless Wonder Woman human Comic n
Fluorite, LinLin, Vivian Codename: Sailor V human Manga n
Priel Luminous Arc human/angel, sprite Game(NDS) FB
Furabiijo Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger human Live Action(TV) n
Rinrin, Elise MadWorld human, CG, vampire Game(Wii) N
Phil Vitale's All Ghoul Orchestra Haunt of Fear(#28) human, cannibals Comic N
Gel Viper V12, Viper F50 human, 2D Game(PC98) n
Gloria Waylon Detention human, henchwoman Live Action(Film) n
Goldie Musou Gunsmith Cats human, drug queen Manga n
Grooder Dragon Pink: The Zero Castle human, sprite Game(PC98) n
Guillotine Nurse Dengeki Nurse human, boss, 2D Game(PC98) n
Haggis Dragon Knight III human, 2D Game(PC98) n
Helga Heel Guy: Double Target human, transforms into monster Anime(OVA) FB
Hilda Hans Jinmonkan (尋問姦) human, sadist Game(Windows) n
Himiko Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad, Onechanbara: Special human, CG Game(X360) n
Harpy(stage 1), Blue Pixie(Stage 2), Green Pixie(Stage 3+5) Cotton 2, Cotton Boomerang human, zako, sprite Game(Arcade, Saturn) n
Medusa, Sphinx Fantastic Night Dreams: Cotton lamia, sphinx, bosses, sprite Game(Arcade) n
Countess Ingrid Battalion Wars human, CG Game(GC) n
Hive Queen Romancing Saga 2 human/insect, sprite Game(SFC) n
[1.jpg Igrat] Verotik human Comic, Manga n
Irya Dragon Rider human Anime(OAV) n
Isabel Imma Youjo 4 human Anime(OAV) n
Jainou Inkupasu Monzetsu Fighter human Game(PC98) n
Jataaka and Kia Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero human, henchwomen, sprite(live action base) Game(N64) n
Jigoku Nurse Dengeki Nurse 2 human, final boss, 2D Game(PC98) n
Empress Juuza Choujin Sentai Jetman (鳥人戦隊ジェットマン) human Live Action(TV) n
Kaen Sengoku Ace human Game(Arcade) n
Princess Snow Kaguya Sailor Moon humanoid Anime(Film) n
Katyusha Wedding Peach human Anime(TV) n
Demonica Criticom human/demon, CG Game(PS1) n
Female Punk The Crow: City of Angels human, zako, CG Game(PS1) n
Medusa, Sphinx Crypt Killer lamia, sphinx, boss, sprite Game(Arcade) n
Belzeba Superfumetti #5: Inferno human, torture Fumetti n
Justica (bad ending) The Crystal of Kings human, protagonist, sprite Game(Arcade) MH
Harpies The Crystal of Kings harpy, boss, sprite Game(Arcade) n
Devilotte Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness human, boss, protagonist Game(Arcade) mh
Kimberly Clone D2 human/monster, boss, CG Game(Dreamcast) mh
Amazon Danan: The Jungle Fighter human, zako, spirte Game(MS) n
Takhisis Dark Queen of Krynn human, sprite Game(Amiga) n
Kisenian Blossom Sailor Moon human/flower Anime(Film) n
Nami Kozono Bible Black human Anime(OVA) n
Bami Ys IV human, sprite, CG Game(SFC, PCE, PSV) FB
Edele Hansel Running Scared human Live Action(Film) FB
Tala Darkwatch: Curse of the West human, tragic past, CG Game(XB) B
Anise Dawn of Mana, Heroes of Mana human, sprite, CG Game(PS2, NDS) n
Anna Williams Tekken series human, CG Game(Arcade) mh
Stage 1 boss (Queen) Diet Go Go human, sprite Game(Arcade) n
Disney's Tarzan: Return to the Jungle Queen La human Game(GBA) n
Demona Divine Divinity human, sprite Game(Windows) n
Hilda (ヒルダ) Don Doko Don (ドンドコドン) human, sprite Game(Arcade) n
Cleopatra Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone human, final boss, sprite Game(Arcade) n
Sorceress Dragon Fighter human, zako, sprite Game(FC) (stage 6) n
Sylphy ( シルフィ) Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes humanoid, boss, sprite Game(PC88) n
Carotta, Rachel, Rosette Ranright Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde mermaid, human, zako, sprite Game(FC) n
Skar Dun Darach human, sorceress, never shown in-game Game(ZXS) n
Narga Danan: The Jungle Fighter human, sprite Game(MS) B(at best)
Lamia Lustful Sorcery lamia, zako, sprite Game(Windows) n
Evil Witch Lustful Sorcery human/demon, boss, sprite Game(Windows) n
Vera UnHolY ToRturEr human, torturer, 2D Game(Windows) n
Kycilia Zabi (キシリア・ザビ) Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin (機動戦士ガンダム THE ORIGIN) human, adaptational evil boost Manga FB
Kycilia Zabi Mobile Suit Gundam human, redemption Anime mh
Lahwhinie Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers humanoid mouse Cartoon(TV) N
Larxene Kingdom Hearts series human, tragic past, redeemed, sprite, CG Game(GBA, PS2) B
Lash Advance Wars series human, sprite, redeemed Game(GBA) B
Latex Red Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose human Comic n
Lila Mirai Sentai Timeranger human, henchwoman Live Action(TV) n
Liz Bane Metalocalypse human Cartoon(TV) n
Luvia Bloodmire Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2 human, CG Game(XB) n
Madame O Bionic Six human Cartoon(TV) n
Maki Soul Calibur Legends human, CG Game(Wii) n
Makoto Makimura Kekkou Kamen human Manga n
Kamakiri Woman (かまきり女) Chojin Densetsu Urotsukidoji: Mirai hen human/demon Anime(OAV) n
Maria Devilman Lady human/demon Manga n
Marjoly Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure human, sprite Game(PS1) n
Mazurka (マズルカ) Dai Sentai Goggle V human Live Action(TV) n
Melodia Baten Kaitos human, brainwashed, CG Game(GC) B
Menardi Golden Sun human, redeemed, sprite Game(GBA) B
Rei and Michinoku Rougetsu Toshi human/demon Manga FB
Miija Bi-Indoushi Miija: Injoku no Gakuen (靡・淫導師 美傀 -淫辱の学園-) human/demon Anime(OAV) n
Yumi Mikogami Gedou Gakuen (外道学園) human Anime(OAV) n
Mikoto Recca no Honou human Anime(TV) n
Saki, Nana and Mio Grandia human, sprite, redeemed Game(Saturn) B
Mirenjo Bokan GoGoGo human Anime(TV) n
Misery The Onechanbara series human, CG Game(360) mh
Mist Rougetsu Toshi humanoid demon Manga N
Morella The Dark Horror of Morella human Comic n
Munmun Gyakuten! Ippatsuman human Anime(TV) n
Murasaki Tsubaki Yami Choukyou SIN (闇調教SIN) human Game(Windows) n
Myria Breath of Fire, Breath of Fire III human/lamia, good intentions in sequel Game(SFC, PS1) MH
Nathalie Baldassari Rossa Venezia human Live Action(Film) N
Necros Venus 5 human/demon Anime(OAV) n
Nekome Ninja Scroll: The Series humanoid beast Anime(TV) n
Noelle Wedlock human Live Action(Film) n
Ocron The Conquest human Live Action(Film) n
Duchess Org TsueTsue (デュークオルグ ツエツエ) Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger (百獣戦隊ガオレンジャー) human Live Action(TV) n
Petrine Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance human, boss, CG Game(GC) n
Pink Gunstar Heroes, Gunstar Super Heroes human, sprite, boss Game(MD, GBA) n
Princess Tamamo , Princess Ito, Princess Yasha Tengai Makyou Ziria human/demon, boss, sprite, CG Game(PCE, 360) n
Pronyma Tales of Symphonia human, boss, CG Game(GC) N
Nastassja Radinov Gunsmith Cats human Anime(OAV) n
Rapture Jem human Cartoon(TV) mh
Ratchet Thousand Arms gynoid, boss, sprite Game(PS1) n
Reeja (リージャ) Legend of Reyon (新リヨン伝説 ) human Anime(OAV) n
Rei Viper M1 human Game(Windows) n
Rimsalia Arcana lamia, final boss, sprite Game(SFC) n
Saki, Thot Pumpkin Night (パンプキンナイト) human Manga B~MH
Luciana Attualità Nera 155 human Fumetti n
Wanda Ultimissime della Nera 21 human, racist, murderer Fumetti n
Adria Malizia Ultra Hard 15 human, traitor, murder Fumetti n
Countess Isabelle Dark Age human, Bathory clone Manga FB
Nuns Bing Bang Volume 1 (ビッグ・バン 1) human, nun, pervert Manga (Story: 悲鳴坂) N
Evil Nun Koketsu Koketsu (虎穴コケツ) human, nun Manga n
Dream Monster De-Ja humanoid monster Game (PCE CD, Windows) n
Slicer, Zapper, Unfixed, Huntress Great Greed human, mermaid, zako, sprite Game (GB) n
Foxey Great Greed human, boss, sprite Game (GB) n
Citrus Great Greed human, fights hero just to test him Game (GB) B(at best)
Medusa, Azcan Warrior Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun lamia, human, zako, sprite Game (MD) n
Queen Spider Dungeon Magic arachne, boss, sprite Game (Arcade) n
Amazon Dungeon Magic human, zako, sprite Game (Arcade) n
Synn Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara human, final boss, sprite Game (Arcade) n
Restiana El Viento human, boss/final boss, betrayed, sprite Game (MD) N
Moll (riding in car with gangsters) El Viento human, zako, sprite Game (MD) n
Blade Angel (ブレードアンヘル) , Arrow Angel (アローアンヘル) , Rod Angel (ロッドアンヘル) , Rose Cherubim (ローズケルビム) The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd human/angel, zako sprite Game (Windows) n
Alfia (アルフィア) Guardian's Sword ~Beautiful Mana~ (ガーディアンズソード ~麗のマナ~) human, boss, sprite Game (Windows) n
Riruka Himezono Reiko the Zombie Shop human, hegemony Manga mh
Saki Yurikawa Reiko the Zombie Shop human Manga n
Risky Boots Shantae series human, pirate, sprite Game (GB, GBA) mh
Rocbouquet Romancing Saga 2 human, sprite, boss/co-final boss Game (SFC) n
Romero Swamp Thing human Comic fb
Rondo Eternal Sonata human, CG, boss Game (360) n
Rose Violence Jack: Harlem Bomber human Anime n
Sahasurara (サハスラーラ) Ginga Yuukyou Densetsu RC Tobacker human, final boss, 2D Game (PC98) n
Saki Viper F40 human, 2D Game (Viper F40) n
Sarah Henley Post Impact human Live Action (Film) n
Scarlet Final Fantasy VII human, CG, boss Game (PS1) FB
Selene Grandia 2 human, boss, henchwoman, CG Game (DC) N
Shanne Tengai Makyou III: Namida human, boss, CG Game (PS2) n
Shannon Godhand human, boss, CG Game (PS2) n
Sheena Dark Wizard: Yomigaerishi Yami no Madoushi human/demon, sprite Game (SCD) n
Rizei Dennou Sentai Lavian Three human Game (PC98) n
Sinestra Wonder Woman human Comic n
Sirene Devilman human/demon Manga, Anime n
Slan Berserk human Manga n
Slum Queen Violence Jack human Manga n
Maha Sparna Gensou Suikoden V human, CG Game (PS2) N
Spider Demon Wicked City arachne Anime n
Sutra Twin Angels human Anime n
Captain Syrup Wario Land, Wario Land 2, Wario Land: The Shake Dimension human, final boss, sprite Game (GB, Wii) n
Taori Tengai Makyou III: Namida human, boss, CG Game (PS2) n
Tira Soul Calibur series human, CG Game (PS2) n
Ubume Ninja Scroll: The Series human Anime (TV) n
Ultimecia Final Fantasy VIII human, final boss, CG Game (PS1) N
Valentina Super Mario RPG human, boss, sprite Game (SFC) N
Uduki Kudou (卯月 久遠) Choukou Sentai Justice Blade human, 2D Game (Windows) n
Vega Donna Onimusha 3: Demon Siege human, CG Game (PS2) mh
Violetta Grandia 3 human, CG Game (PS2) n
Widow Angel Blade Punish! human Anime (OAV) n
Windy Gensou Suikoden human, sprite Game (PS1) N
Empress X'alpen Jaguar God human Comic n
Yan-Yan Itadakiman human Anime (TV) n
Yoname God Mazinger human Manga, Anime n
Yuarisla Dragon Pink human/monster Manga, Anime n
Yunalesca Final Fantasy X human, CG Game (PS2) N
Zakuro Ninja Scroll human Anime n
Zarana G.I.Joe human Cartoon n
Captain Violet Zeno Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter human, boss, CG Game (PS2) N
General Zenobia Kagaku Sentai Dynaman human Live Action (TV) n
Princess Lyzala Conan the Barbarian 154 human Comic n
Machiko Chichi Binta Paradise (乳ビンタ地獄) human, 2D Game (Windows) N
Sird Pokemon Adventures human Manga n
Carlotta Prostars human Cartoon n
Carmilla Carmilla the Sadistics human Manga n
Aldith Pokémon: BW Adventures in Unova and Beyond human Anime (TV) n
The Boss The Authority: The Magnificent Kevin human Comic n
Sedessa Graleon Delgo humanoid, CG CG (Film) FB
Io Phantom Thief Pokémon 7 human Manga n
Feena Sik Green Lantern human Comic n
White Rabbit Marvel Comics human Comic n
Ternel Shin Reyon Densetsu: Mou Hitori no Flair human/demon Anime (OAV) n
Lamia, Siren, Amazon The Battle of Olympus lamia, harpy, human, sprite, zako Game (FC) n
Dora-in-Grey Dragon Quest XI humanoid, boss, CG, sprite Game (Switch) N
Zomaiden Dragon Quest XI humanoid, boss, sprite Game (Switch) N
Boodica Dragon Quest XI humanoid, boss, CG, sprite Game (Switch) N
Golden Girl, Iron MaidenPlatinum poppet, Steel Siren, Succubat, Fruity Succubat, Vampire Succubat, Supereme Succubat Dragon Quest XI humanoid, zako, CG, sprite Game (Switch) N
Krystalinda Dragon Quest XI human, boss, CG, sprite, Redeemed Game (Switch) B
Anne A Porte Chiuse Special 14 human, cheating wife, husband murderer Fumetti ?
Constanze Unholy Disaster human, sprite, boss Game (Windows) N
Dryad Unholy Disaster human, sprite, boss Game (Windows) N
Sonia Atelier Tia human, sprite, boss Game (Windows) N
Lamia, Harpy, Arachne Echidna Wars DX lamia, harpy, arachne, sprite, zako Game (Windows) n
Bee Woman, Mud Woman Echidna Wars DX humanoid bee, humanoid mud, sprite, zako Game (Windows) n
Queen Bee Echidna Wars DX humanoid bee, sprite, boss Game (Windows) n
Ouroboros Echidna Wars DX Lamia, sprite, final boss Game (Windows) n
Palette swapped enemies Echidna Wars DX lamia, harpy, slime woman, sprite, zako Game (Windows) n
Sandy Wallenstein n. 41 human, villain's lover/accomplice kidnapper, deceased Fumetti n
Chizuru Ishigami Persona 2: Eternal Punishment human, boss, sprite, not-so-bad Game (PS1) B
Lamia Lenam - Sword of Legend lamia, sprite Game (MSX2) n
Reparik (レーパリック) Lenam - Sword of Legend human, sprite Game (MSX2) n
Laris (ラリス) Lenam - Sword of Legend human, sprite Game (MSX2) n
Waitress (ウェイトレス) Lenam - Sword of Legend human, sprite Game (MSX2) n
Medusa Lenam - Sword of Legend lamia, sprite Game (MSX2) n
Riidia (リーディア) Trouble Chaser Dai 1 (トラぶるCHASER 第1話) human, 2D Game (PC98) n
Bosses Emerald Densetsu (エメラルド伝説) human, 2D, boss Game (PC98) n
Bosses File:0 Ghost killer Kamimura Rei (FILE:0 ゴーストキラー・神村麗) human, 2D, boss Game (PC98) n
Harpy, Lilin La Valeur human, harpy, sprite, zako Game (PC98) n


human, 2D, boss Game (PC98) n
Tianon Cannon Dancer human, sprite, boss Game (Arcade) n
Feraquea Langrisser III human, sprite, boss Game (Saturn) n
Megumi Apocalypse Zero human/demon Manga/Anime n
??? (multiple) Kurozuka human Manga n
Death Woman (デス・ウーマン) Emerald Dragon human/demon, sprite, boss, disguises herself as damsel in distress Game (SFC) N
Maria Attualità Nera XI-6 - Story: "Il Trapianto" human, wife performs genital mutilation on cheating husband Fumetti B~MH


Mesaanya Dragon Knight 2 human, final boss, 2D Game(PC88) n
Dr. Maria Frankenstein  Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter human Live Action (Film) n
The Noun The Pro human, supervillain, humiliated Comic n
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