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The evil Whelpettes

The Whelpettes were the molls for the villain Whelp in the 2001 Canadian-American live action children's television series that played on Fox Kids. The Whelpettes were played by Sonya Salomaa (blonde) and Anita Brown (brunette)

Whelp was the pet Chihuahua of a mad scientist who eventually becomes an evil genius through a freak accident. The series has Whelp and his sidekick Whelpettes who attempt to take over Union City. They are constantly defeated by a group of lucha libre wrestlers.

The Whelpettes appeared in nearly 9 of the 17 episodes, wearing sexy outfits throughout. Their job was to carry Whelp who sat on a small cushion. Whenever a fighting scene took place, Whelp would take off with his Whelpettes to avoid being captured.


  • Sonya Salomaa's other villainous roles include femme fatale Ashley from A Lover's Revenge, evil nurse Courtney Allison from Ties That Bind, the unnamed Robot Mother from The Haunting Hour, and murderess Marcia Rideout from A Bone to Pick: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery.
  • Anita Brown later appeared in 2016's A Firehouse Christmas as redeemed villainess Mary Hamilton.


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