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Wanda The Wicked West Wickham Whip Woman (Alison Bell) is the villainess in the 1983 (S14 E1) sketch "Superteech" for the British TV series "Benny Hill".

Wanda appears dressed in a sexy leather dominatrix outfit and kidnaps Louise (Louise English).

The Professor (Benny Hill) and the Prefect (Jackie Wilson) are told by the other students of the kidnapping and they change clothes in an outhouse to become their superhero alter egos.

Wanda's vixens, along with some soldiers, guard Louise at a large castle estate.

The Prefect is tied up to a wall, and Wanda uses her whip to knock out balloons surrounding his body.  As she does this, she snarls and shows her teeth.  Wanda later has both Superteech and his sidekick thrown in a jail cell.

Superteech, the Prefect and Louise are able to escape hidden inside rolls of carpets.  In the end as the credits roll, Wanda reappears chasing the Professor and the Prefect around the school grounds.


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