is the only female member of the Darkling Lords and the evil counterpart of Galadria.  She appeared in two 1987 episodes of the cartoon "Visionaries".  She was voiced by Jennifer Darling.

Virulina's weapon is some sort of axe, her totem is a shark and she has no power staff or any secondary power in the cartoon series (though she does have a power shield in the comics). Its power is Disease and can make enemies sick.

During the Age of Technology, Virulina worked as a TV newsreader. She was reporting on the fall of technology as it happened. 

After the fall, she was one of many knights taking up Merklynn’s quest for magic. During her travels through the mountain, she encountered Galadria, her nemesis, in a cavern. Her attempt to attack Galadria from behind resulted in them both falling into a lake containing a large tentacular creature. Virulina trapped Galadria with the creature behind a sluice gate and made her escape. Later, she was found by Darkstorm to be strung up by her ankles from a dungeon ceiling, along with Cindarr, Lexor and Cravex. She swore fealty to Darkstorm in exchange for her freedom. As part of the new Darkling Lords, she ambushed Leoric and the knights of New Valarak, until halted by Merklynn. Upon entering his shrine, she was rewarded with the shark totem.

Some time later, she disguised herself as helpless maiden to attract the attention of Arzon. Outed, by the Bearer of the Knowledge, she moved in to attack!

Her attack is successful and with the other Darkling Lords' help, Arzon is captured. On the promise of a Power Staff, Virulina works with the other Lords to capture Witterquick and then Cryotek outside their own kingdoms. While capturing Cryotek, she is sent to chase down Galadria. Transforming into her shark totem, Virulina chases Galadria underwater, but is brutally punted out of the water. Bitter about her failure, Darkstorm reneges on his promise to give Virulina one of the captured Power Staffs, so she storms off, swearing she won't forgive or forget this betrayal.



Visionaries female disguise

Visionaries female disguise

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