Violet Stanton

The evil Violet Stanton

Violet Stanton (Kristen Dalton) was a villainess from the 2008 horror film, Babysitter Wanted.

Introduction Edit

Violet Stanton was introduced as the wife of Jim Stanton, and the mother of their son, Sam. She was first shown introducing herself to main protagonist Angie Albright, who took a job as a babysitter for the Stantons, watching Sam while Violet and Jim left for the evening. Violet gave Angie instructions regarding Sam's care and (especially) his feeding before leaving, but as the evening progressed, Angie was being stalked and receiving various phone calls with no answer, which led to her calling Chief Dineli, who was on his way to the house.

Reveal Edit

Angie was later encountered by a disfigured man who went after not only her, but Sam as well, with the confrontation ending with Angie apparently killing him. Afterwards, Angie was shocked to see that the man was actually a priest, and it was at that moment that Angie saw what appeared to be horns on Sam's head after his cowboy hat was removed. Violet and Jim returned home and recognized the man as Father Nicoletta, with Jim commenting that he thought he killed him already. Nicoletta revealed himself as having survived his ordeal with Angie, after which Violet ordered Jim to finish off Nicoletta and take care of Angie, officially revealing Violet's heel persona.

After Jim drugged Angie and took her to the basement, everything was revealed. Sam was actually the son of Satan, and regarding his diet, it consisted of human female flesh. Violet and Jim provided Sam with the flesh by abducting and killing an immense number of young girls (20 girls, as revealed later in the film), with Jim preparing them for Sam. Their latest abductee was Rebecca Miller, who Jim was preparing while revealing everything to Angie, all the while, the evil Violet planned their escape and later scolded Jim for not having killed Angie already.

It was at this point that Dineli arrived and Angie made her attempted escape, only for Jim to recapture her and take her back to the basement, only for Dineli to appear and hold Jim at gunpoint. Violet entered and attacked Dineli with an axe while Jim was fighting with Angie. During both scuffles, Angie grabbed Dineli's gun and managed to shoot Violet to death before killing Jim.

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