Vicki Lawson

Villainous conspirator Vicki Lawson

Vicki Lawson (Ely Pouget) is a hidden villainess from "Murder in High C," episode 11.14 of Murder, She Wrote (airdate February 5, 1995). She is a friend of the episode's main protagonist, opera singer Andrea Beaumont.

The episode had Andrea on the receiving end of threatening phone calls from a deranged stalker, but as revealed later on, the calls were part of a sinister plan orchestrated by Andrea's husband, Jonas Cole. Jonas lost a lot of money on the stock market, and he planned on killing Andrea so that he could collect on a $10 million insurance policy that Jonas put out on his wife. Vicki turned heel and participated in the scheme, which had Jonas disguising his voice and recording threats on a cassette tape, with Vicki playing the tapes over the phone.

Jonas killed Rudolfo Petrocelli when he caught him in the act and planned to blackmail him, and the end result was supposed to have Jonas kill Andrea at the mountains. However, Jessica Fletcher caught Jonas in the act, and after his arrest, the evil Vicki ended up revealed as his accomplice, as phone records uncovered Jonas' "wrong number" call being a call to Vicki, giving the word to the villainess to phone Andrea with another "stalker" call. After being caught, Vicki informed Jonas that police had found the tapes, stating that she should have erased them, and she was later arrested along with Jonas for their plot.


Murder She Wrote- Murder In High C

Murder She Wrote- Murder In High C

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