Bonnie Fuschau

The evil Vesta, aka Bonnie Fuschau

Vesta, aka Bonnie Fuschau (Lindy Booth), was the main villaienss from "Rock and a Hard Place," episode 9.08 of Supernatural (airdate November 26, 2013).

Vesta was the Roman goddess of the hearth, and back when the Roman pantheon was in power, she received six virgin sacrifices a year. The sacrifices had to have been virgins for at least 30 years, otherwise they would be buried alive. Vesta lost many followers following the rise of Christianity, but ironically, she would use the religion in her own villainous quest to abduct virgins.

In the episode, Vesta posed as a bright and bubbly woman named Bonnie Fuschau, leading a chastity group in her plan to abduct and sacrifice born-again virgins, one of them being a young woman named Honor, who was taken in the beginning of the episode. Sam and Dean Winchester encountered Bonnie at her group, as they went undercover and joined after Sheriff Jody Mills phoned them about Honor. Dean and Suzy Lee (a porn actress) were taken by Vesta after they engaged in a sexual tryst and broke their vow.

Jody and Sam figured out that Vesta was behind the abduction, and it was when they were searching to rescue Dean and the others that they encountered the villainous goddess, who was revealed to be Bonnie. While holding Jody captive, the evil Vesta ranted that virgins used to begged to be sacrificed to her, until "that hippie from Bethlehem" (Jesus Christ) ruined things for her and forced her to do things on her own. She also ranted about the people she took being born-agains, while revealing that she would eat their livers during the sacrifices. Vesta planned to do the same to Jody, even stabbing her with a stake, which Jody pulled out while Sam fought the goddess. The villainess was stunned that Sam was alive due to her discovery that he was in terrible shape internally (Gadreel's possession was keeping Sam alive). During her bewilderment, Vesta was killed by Jody, who stabbed her with a stake that had virgin's blood on it.



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