Venus was a goddess featured in the adult dark fantasy comic series Grimm Fairy Tales published by Zenescope Entertainment. 


Like most other characters in the Grimm Fairy Tales universe, Venus is actually a Highblood. Since losing her divine stature among humans she has chosen to pose as the fashion icon known as "Miss Astrid Venus," enjoying the fame and celebrity status that it gives her. Unlike the traditional depiction of the goddess (vain and self-absorbed but ultimately benevolent), this version of Venus is villainous and plays the role of an antagonist in Grimm Fairy Tale story arcs.


Venus begins recruiting other Gods for her plan to restore the High Born back to their glory.

Goddess Inc.Edit

Venus attempts to ascend with her army of gathered Gods but Zeus and allies intervene.


In Godstorm, Venus debuts as a lingerie clad femme fatale who seduces the son of Zeus. She hopes to avenge a slight that occured between Zeus and her while serving her master at the same time. Her face is disfigured by a lightning bolt from Zeus and then she is ragdolled by his daughter Heather. Finally, her arms are ripped out by her master so that she resembles Venus de Milo. 

Realm Wars - Age of DarknessEdit

The Dark One's Queen has returned and Venus attempts a coup.

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