Vengeful Neighbor

The unnamed and psychotic Vengeful Neighbor

The unnamed Vengeful Neighbor (Sunny Mabrey) is the main villainess from Ding Dong Ditch, a short film from Crypt TV (release date July 7, 2017).

The film had the woman on the receiving end of the infamous Ding Dong Ditch prank, which was orchestrated by a trio consisting of two young men and a young woman. With each time the group rings her doorbell, the woman becomes more and more irritated and furious at the pranksters. This leads to the villainess placing a laced up spike on the doorbell, which the young woman pricks her finger on when ringing the doorbell. The two men run off and abandon their cohort, who feels the effects and passes out, allowing the villainess to take her inside the house.

Once inside, the female prankster sees that she is held captive in a room surrounded by doorbells, 99 of them according to the villainess, who laughs at her and mocked her partners for abandoning her. The evil neighbor stated that only one of them could save her life, leaving the young woman screaming for help. The video ends with the doorbell ringing, and the villainess targeting another victim.



Ding Dong Ditch Scary Short Horror Film Crypt TV

Ding Dong Ditch Scary Short Horror Film Crypt TV

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