Velutina, with her two subordinates, Red Cat and Blue Cat.

Velutina (ベルチナ) is a major antagonist in the PC-98 Strategy RPG, Dennou Sentai Lavian Three (電脳戦隊ラヴィアンスリー). She is a top general in the Lemurian Empire, which seeks to enslave and exterminate humanity. She also laughs villainously and extensively after speaking nearly half of her dialogue.

Velutina's first appearance is in the game's second chapter, where she transforms a human girl named Uno into a "cyber beast". She then does the same to girls in chapters 3 and 5, the latter of which marking the first time that she engages the protagonists in battle.

Her backstab backfires.

She appears briefly in chapter 6, taunting the Lavian Three to follow her to Cyber Castle, the home of the Lemuria Empire. When the heroines arrive, Velutina ambushes them, stating that it is the eve of their invasion of the human world and that in celebration, she plans to decorate the grand hall of the castle with the trio's severed heads.

After failing a second time in battle, Velutina begins trembling, and her eyes appear as if they could begin crying at any moment. Lavian Lime quickly comes to the conclusion that Velutina must have been a brainwashed cyber beast herself. The heroines feel sympathy for her, and Lavian Cherry gently approaches the woman, asking if she is all right. It is here that Velutina laughingly calls the girls "fools" and fires a blast of energy towards them. However, this action is quickly thwarted by Black Rose, who fires an energy beam of her own at the villainess which pierces right through her chest, killing her.

Battle intro image.

Battle sprite.

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