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Murderous cult member Velma

Velma (Leslie Gomez) is the main villainess of The Chosen, a short horror film released by Crypt TV (release date August 10, 2017). The film opened with Velma covered in blood, with the opening slowly revealing that Velma had brutally stabbed her parents and younger brother to death, presumably during the young boy's birthday party.

After cleaning off her blood-stained glasses and surveying the carnage, Velma seemingly prepared to slit her own throat when she heard a strange eerie whisper, while also seeing strange visions. Velma expressed initial confusion at the "voices" reminding her about "the hearts", but came to understand when a bloodied man (the sole survivor of Velma's murder spree) dragged himself into the room. At that, the evil Velma stabbed the man to death with her knife, doing so after drawing a symbol on his forehead in blood.

After the murder, Velma carved out her victim's heart and took it to a building, where she was joined by five other people. The six then produced various body parts (presumably from people they'd also killed themselves) and placed them together to form a human body, after which they stood around the body and chanted "Riju". As they chanted, Velma and her other cult members were transported to an area of vast white nothingness, with a red figure emerging from a red puddle. Upon seeing the sight, Velma tore off a part of her skirt and used it to blindfold herself, which spared her from being killed by the creature. With the rest of the cult dead, the creature transformed into the aforementioned Riju and (upon returning to reality) took Velma's makeshift blindfold off, with Velma smiling as Riju told her that "her queen" had risen and it was "time for them to begin".



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