Varinia Rambo The Force Of Freedom Fire In The Sky

Varinia (Voiced by Mona Marshall) is an antagonist in the episode ‘Fire In The Sky’, for the 1980s kids animated series ‘Rambo: The Force Of Freedom’. She is a beautiful blonde woman working for General Warhawk.

Varinia first appears by the harbour talking into a device, saying that she is ready. Later, Rambo looks over the boat to see the slinky vamp walking around, and is instantly struck by her stunning beauty. Later, after the sleeping gas attack is over, Gripper tells Varinia that the job was complete and that they should report to General Warhawk immediately.

Later, Rambo manages to escape from a sinking ship and he clambers to shore. His female ally Cat, glad that he survived, runs over to him, and accidentally knocks into Varinia, causing her to drop her handbag, scattering it’s contents everywhere. As Cat hugs Rambo, he notices that she has a gas mask among her collectibles. Varinia walks off and Rambo chases her.

The sultry villainess gets into a car and begins dangerously speeding to get away from the hero. He manages to keep on her trail, until she loses him in a series of alleyways.

Varinia and a fellow operative are in a helicopter when Rambo, who has managed to catch up with them, appears! However, Varinia and the other agent have made plans, and they eject out of the helicopter, leaving Rambo to die in the water. However, he manages to escape. Varinia and the other agent land in a boat.

She is next seen in General Warhawk’s base reporting with the rest of them. They plan to sell a missile and give everyone a lot of world power. When Rambo needs to get clearance to enter a section, he sees Varinia walking to the same place with ID in her hand. Quickly he grabs her and gags her with his hand. Rambo asks the struggling Varinia why she is hanging around with Warhawk, she callously replies “He promised me world power, which is something I intend to collect”. She then showcases her martial art abilities by flipping Rambo out of the room; however she is quickly outsmarted as he uses her ID to lock her in!

She is later seen with Warhawk and the rest of his henchmen. She tells Warhawk that the operatives wouldn’t go near the base for fear of the missile. The evildoers get into a boat where they plan to set off the missile. However, Rambo intervenes and Warhawk sets it off early. Disappointingly, the rogues escape and Rambo destroys the missile.

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