Vanessa Hammer (ヴァネッサ・ハンマー) is the primary villainess of the 1997 spy animation "Spy of Darkness", aka "Inju vs. Onna Spy" (淫獣VS女スパイ). She specializes in stealing classified information and selling it to whomever she can.

The story begins with Vanessa and her men having broken into a government research facility and killing most of the staff. There, she apprehends a scientist who has been developing a Bioborg (bio-engineered cyborg) named Dragon. Vanessa has heard that this creature is the strongest soldier ever created, and to see if this is indeed true, she locks the scientist's female assistant inside of the chamber where it is being contained. Dragon violates and then kills this woman; a spectacle which Vanessa is in complete awe of, due to the beast's immense power. In contrast, the scientist is horrified to behold the monster that he has helped to create, but these feelings do not last long, as Venessa shoots him dead as well.


Vanessa steals Dragon from the facility and then kidnaps random women for the beast to rape, in addition to having sex with it herself, in between. She promises the Bioborg that if he sticks with her, she'll obtian women from all over the world for him. Three skilled spies, Anne, Layla, and Shion, eventually manage to track them down at their hideout. However, by this time the beast's lust has grown too great, and it kills Vanessa, along with many other victims.

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