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Vanessa (Aylin Tezel) is the main antagonist in the 2018 german childrens film "Liliane Susewind: Ein Tierisches Abenteuer" directed by Joachim Masannek.  She is played by German actress of turkish origin Aylin Tezel

Liliane "Lilli" Susewind can talk to the animals! However, except for her parents and her grandmother Gerti, no one knows this special talent of hers since it has caused many problems in the past.

In the film Vanessa appears to be an animal thief who steals the animals that live in the paradisia zoo where the children and Liliane help. Vanessa is very manipulative, greedy and does not hesitate when it comes to stealing the paradisia animals for her own material interests. Her main goal is to sell the captured animals to her clients, which she keeps in her castle in the woods.

During the film Vanessa wears a wide variety of outfits from luxurious fur to a tight latex suit and high heels.

Liliane must then use her communicating skills with the animals and the help of her new friends to defeat the villainess and rescue the animals.


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