Valerie Stennil (Natasha Henstridge) was the villainess of the 2016 Lifetime film Deadly Ex (alternately titled Inconceivable).

Valerie Stennil was the high school girlfriend of Gary Emerson, who by his own admission ended their relationship for unknown reasons. After the two reconnect at their high school reunion, the two share a passionate kiss, which leads Valerie to believe Gary wants to start over. But Gary denies this, saying he is now married with children.

Not content to let Gary get away again, Valerie follows him back home and befriends his wife Jess at the yoga class she teaches and sends a gift to his teenage daughter Carissa. She meets with Gary a few times, even leaving makeup on his collar after a dinner date. This causes tension between Gary and Jess, and Gary comes to realize how delusional Valerie is when she sends him nude pictures. When he tries to cut ties, Valerie becomes involved with Gary's company, which he is forced to agree to due to his financial difficulties. Things come to a head when Gary meets with Valerie in a hotel room, where she again tries to seduce him. When Gary formally rejects her intentions, Valerie breaks down, accusing Gary of using her and how he won't get away with it. Soon after this, Gary's teenage son Zach finds the nude photos Valerie sent Gary and, when he messages her asking why, she reveals who she is and how she and Gary reconnected after their reunion.

In the movie's climax, Valerie hides in Gary's car and chloroforms him when he gets inside. She then breaks into his house and attempts to kill Jess with a knife, but Jess fights her off. Carissa sees the attack and tries to call the police, but Valerie stabs her in the back before going back after Jess. While Zach calls a friend over video chat for help, Valerie tries to break down the door to get to him and Carissa. Jess attacks her to save her children, and the two fight until Jess successfully stabs Valerie. She then flees the house and confronts Gary outside as he arrives to stop her, holding a knife to his throat. The police arrive and knowing she is on the verge of dying, Valerie locks herself inside a restroom, where the affect of the blood loss from the stab wound Jess gave her takes effect and she dies.

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  • Natasha Henstridge previously played evil Sil in the 1995 film Species, villainous gold digger Linda Dupree in the 2005 Lifetime film Widow on the Hill, and recurred on Beauty and the Beast as villainess Carol Hall.

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