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The evil Uta

Uta (Sara Fabel) is the secondary antagonist of the 2015 horror film "Anarchy Parlor".

Uta is the assistant to the film's main antagonist - a male tattoo artist who performs the dark art of abducting potential customers and then killing them. He does this by removing the skin from their bodies and tattooing members of his lineage onto the detached flesh. Though he is both passionate and about his craft, Uta's personality would suggest that she is along for the ride more for the sadistic fun of it.

At the start of the film, Uta lures two youths, protagonist Amy and her acquaintance Brock, away from a night club with the prospect of giving a new tattoo to the former and sex to the latter. Uta does indeed make love to Brock, but only after checking out his body for imperfections first. Verifying that he is clean, she injects him with a syringe to make him lose consciousness and then brings him to the artist, where he is then skinned and killed.

Several of Amy's friends come looking for her and find themselves imprisoned as well. Uta tortures one of them, Stephanie, and then slits her throat after realizing that she forgot to use the proper tool (how much of a genuine mistake this was on the part of Uta is perhaps open to interpretation).

Amy manages to free herself and stumbles onto Uta just as the villainess has finished killed a stripper named Zala who had come to the parlor seeking a clitoral piercing. The two woman fight, with Amy coming out on top. The heroine then slits the defeated Uta's throat and takes over her role as the artist's assistant.