Madison Morgan

Evil bully Madison Morgan

Madison Morgan (Bella Thorne) is the main antagonist in the 2015 teen comedy The DUFF. She was a student at Malloy High School and considered the most popular -- and the self-designated -- hottest girl in the school.

Role in Film

Madison was also shown to be a very vain, cruel and superficial bully, as seen in her first appearance in inviting popular students Jess Harris and Casey Cordero to a party at her house, while intentionally trying to get away with not inviting their less popular friend Bianca Piper (though her attempt is thwarted by Casey). She is also established as the "on-again, off-again" girlfriend of handsome football captain Wesley Rush.

While Bianca and Wesley were clothes shopping at the mall during an attempt to improve Bianca's social standing after Wesley informed Bianca that she was the "Designated Ugly Fat Friend" of her friends, Madison's minion Caitlyn recorded Bianca as she tried on several ridiculous outfits and sent it to Madison, who became jealous at Wesley and Bianca hanging out. She later posted the video online, resulting in it going viral. The evil Madison was shown looking pleased at having upset and embarrassed Bianca. After Caitlyn later sent pictures to her of Bianca and Wesley practice kissing, Madison confronted Bianca at school, expressing her bitter jealousy and coldly telling Bianca that she would never matter. Bianca was upset to later find her and Wesley making out at her special place in the forest after her date with her crush turned sour.

Madison attended the school Homecoming with Wesley and expressed no doubt in winning Homecoming Queen. When Bianca arrived and began talking to Wesley, confessing her interest in him, Madison approached her and insulted her dress. Bianca responded by telling Madison that she no longer cared about her labelling her a "DUFF" and that she shouldn't tear people down for not finding social status as important as she did. Madison was completely unfazed, claiming that social status wasn't important to her before disproving herself by getting excited over the impeding announcement of Homecoming King and Queen. As she predicted, Madison won and had Wesley as her king. But instead of going up onstage with her, Wesley confessed his feelings for Bianca by kissing her, shocking the villainess.


  • Bella Thorne's other villainous roles include Nina Patterson from MTV's Scream, Jolie from K.C. Undercover, and the psychotic Holly Viola from the Netflix movie You Get Me.
  • Bella Thorne also plays a dim-witted but psychotic cheerleader, Allison, in the Netflix horror-comedy, The Babysitter.
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