Sentinel Amazonesses are zakos appearing in the now-defunct beat 'em up MMO Fighters Club. They are the natives of the Cliff Temple area, brainwashed by the Sentinel forces to do their biddings and fight for their side. As the amazonesses are (probably) primitive women and rather unintelligent compared to us, they're pretty easy to brainwash. They come in two variants:


The first variant: Amazoness Wrestler. They're muscular, toned mature women with dark green hair tied to a ponytail, shiny light brown skin and slightly curved hips. They wear a brown leotard-like tube top, a shoulder pad on the left side, spiky bracelets, a some sort of choker around her top breast adorned with with spikes/crocodile teeth, neck collars, olive green leather belt, olive green cargo pants with some pockets in it and a pair of green combat boots. They attack the player by using somersault kicks and bearhugs (as their name suggest), and pretty hard to take down. However, if your player character happens to be a muscular wrestler guy, you're gonna have some fun fighting her


The second variant: Amazoness Instructor. Almost similar to the Amazoness Wrestler, but they have a brighter skin color, spiky blonde hair and claw marks on their arms. They wear dark grey corsets, brown leather belt with pockets, neck collars, olive green cargo pants and dark grey combat boots. They attack using boomerangs, as well as somersault kicks. Less dangerous compared to the wrestler, but still proves as a challenge to the player. When hurt, both of the amazonesses emits a hoarse yet tomboyish moans and screams similar to Mutsumi Tamura or Akeno Watanabe's voice. Who are their voice actors are still unknown



  • Some players compared the Amazoness Instructor with Leone from Akame ga Kill and Blanka from the Street Fighter series. Features borrowed from Leone includes her muscular look and spiky blonde hair, while the amazoness' attacks has been compared with Blanka's moveset which includes boomerangs
  • Meanwhile, the Amazoness Wrestler resembles Tania from Yu-Gi-Oh GX. Interestingly enough, both are Amazoness warriors with pony-tailed hair and bare shoulders and cleavage. Both also sports the thick eye shadowing



A fanart of the Amazoness Wrestler taking on the Instructor on a wrestling match to the death. Drawn by Nichx from

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