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    Yasmine is the school beauty and bully in the 2018 TV series Cobra Kai. She was played by Annalisa Cochrane.

    Cobra Kai is a sequel series of the movie Karate Kid (1984) and shows

    how the characters developed 34 years later. Yasmine is the leader of a trio of high school beauties. Another girl of the beauties is Samantha LaRusso who is the daughter of Daniel LaRusso, the protagonist of the original Karate Kid movie. Yasmine shows her rule by bullying Aisha, the former best friend of Samantha. After several times bullied, Aisha went to the Cobra Kai dojo of Johnny Lawrence, the former antagonist of the original Karate Kid movie. At the dojo, Aisha learn Karate and self-confidence. Later in the series at a party, Yasmine wants to bully Aisha again …

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