Queen Cleolanta (Patsy Parsons) is the tyrant of Ophecius, a planet that collides with the moon in the movie ‘Crash of the Moons (1954). Cleolanta is also the villainess in the related series Rocky Jones, Space Ranger.

Cleolanta plays a major role in ‘Crash of the Moons’. Rocky and his crew want to evacuate Ophecius as they anticipate the collision with its moon. Cleolanta's arrogance, pride and vanity, however, hinder the mission. In the course of the movie she tries to kill Rocky Jones and his crew, however, her plans are foiled, at one point thanks to the intervention of the wife of one of her assistants. In the end, when all her people are leaving the planet the queen insists that she will stay behind, yet one of her assistants carries her away against her will. In the end the queen realises her error and reconciles with Rocky and his crew.
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