The evil Latex Babes of Estros

The Latex Babes Of Estros are minor villains from the 1991 video game Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers.

They live on the planet of Estros in their underwater lair. Why they have a hidden underwater lair is not known, but they use weapons and in their lair is a chair they bind people to for the purpose of torture, so it's safe to assume they aren't the nicest of people.

The game's hero Roger Wilco lands on their planet and is held at gunpoint. The Latex Babes' leader Zondra emerges and is angry at Roger for walking out on her, something Roger cannot remember. Zondra orders Roger into the submarine and he complies due to the many guns on him.

The submarine returns to the underground lair. Zondra decides to have Roger tortured for leaving her, he is strapped into the chair. Zondra orders Thoreen to proceed with the torture, a role she seems to thoroughly enjoy.

But before the babes can start the torture, a giant sea monster appears in the base which causes the babes to flee. Roger manages to get free from the chair and defeat the giant sea monster. Zondra decides to end her desire for revenge and calls it evens after seeing Roger destroy the creature.


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