Sam (Jennifer Hale) is one of the main protagonists of Totally Spies. She is Irish-American. Although she is a good guy, she is almost always hypnotized into being evil.

Examples down below:

Dental? More Like Mental!

After being kidnapped by Myra Sokolov, Alex and Clover find Sam hypnotized. She attempts to blind them with her extremely shiny teeth. After that fails, she ties them up and attempts to make them work with her, Myra, Mia and Dr. Jay. Clover and Alex manage to bring her back to normal.


Ariel manages to hypnotize Sam after discovering she was a descendant of the Sisterhood (possibly the Irish branch of the cult). Sam attempts to attack Alex and Clover, while wearing blue plate armor. Clover and Alex make her snap out of it after taking off and destroying the headband she's wearing.


Simon Tucker, an evil Irish businessman, plans to destroy all malls and stores, as he considers shopping commercialist, after his business was shut down by a rival company. He brings all stores from other countries to Ireland and hypnotizes people with hypnotic earpieces (which are actually small radios), which turn them into mindless lackeys to create an ant-shopping army. When Alex and Clover get to Ireland, they find Sam with Simon and the other people he hypnotized. She is wearing blue war paint on her face, a green hat, and a white and green outfit consisting of a tank top and pants. When they look closer, the girls see she's wearing a radio, which they figure out is what hypnotized her. Simon tries to suffocate Alex and Clover by dumping boxes on them, while Sam stands there grinning. Simon then talks through his radio to communicate with the other people, and Sam leads them. Eventually, Clover and Alex manage to break the trance by destroying Sam's radio and throwing it in the water, where it short circuits and breaks.


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