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Lilian / Forest Witch (Midnight Calling 2: Jeronimo)

Lilian also known as the Forest Witch is the villainess of the 2016 hidden object game Midnight Calling 2: Jeronimo.

The Forest Witch's real name is Lilian. She comes from a long line of witches and all the women in her family practiced dark magic. Many years ago, her mother was burned at the stake by the townpeople of Rocksville for practicing the dark arts. Now she is seeking to make them all pay for killing her mother.

The game begins with Jeronimo, an old innkeeper, telling a customer about one of his adventures. In his youth, Jeronimo was a thief: he was called Jeronimo the Safecracker and could open any lock in Rocksville. He grew tired of being a criminal and bought an inn, but his younger sister Ellie became sick and only a mixture elixi…

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