The villainous Ice Queen

The Ice Queen, also known by her real name Angelique De Leroy, is a Snow Queen inspired antagonist in the 2012 hidden object game Living Legends: Ice Rose created by 4Friends Games. She was the former ruler of the Kingdom of Rosemount who sought the help of the mysterious Alchemist to revive her deceased parent.


Angelique was the only daughter to the King and Queen De Leroy, and the kingdom's crown princess. In her youth, Angelique loved gardening and growing many beautiful flowers, her favorite being roses of all kinds. Her parents however, discouraged Angelique from pursuing her hobby, as they wanted Angelique to study in the art of ruling in order to become a suitable successor and the next ruler of their kingdom. The little Angelique was saddened by her parents' ideal, and secretly wished to become the ruler of her kingdom as soon as possible, so that she was free to pursue her dream.

Tragedy soon struck as Angelique's parents became sick from a plague that hit the kingdom, and the girl was no longer happy that her wish came true in the worst way possible and just wanted her parents to come back to life. Around this time, Angelique met a man who called himself the Alchemist who promised to help her cure her pain if she gave her heart to him for that he can freeze it and granting her immortality which she accepted. Angelique then began calling herself the Ice Queen and aiding the Alchemist in growing the mystical blue roses that can be used to grant any wishes, which the Alchemist promised to use it to revive the Ice Queen's parents. Because blue roses thrived in a land filled with suffering, the Ice Queen started to show no mercy toward her subjects and tormented them even further to fulfill her goal. Eventually, an uprising was led by Kai and Gerda to battle the Ice Queen, resulting in her being sealed by the couples in an underground cavern by a magical bouquet of white roses, as she was too powerful to be destroyed. Kai and Gerda also broke her magical ice mirror that powered her magical ability, leaving the now mostly powerless queen biding her time for many years.

The Ice Queen was eventually released from her imprisonment by the daughter of Kai and Gerda, who was tricked by the Alchemist to touch the white roses in the villainess' hands, allowing the Ice Queen to switch place with the girl and imprisoning her in the villainess' place instead. As revenge those that imprisoned her, the Ice Queen proceeded to wreck havoc upon Rosemount, killing all the people including Kai and Gerda. However, because her ice mirror was still shattered and one of the shard was missing, the Ice Queen was not able to regain her full power, and thus shifted her goal to restoring it. As the mortals (Kai and Gerda) were the one who broke her mirror, only them could restore it to full glory.

For this end, the Ice Queen captured Edward, the novelist and the protagonist's fiance who came to Rosemount due to him having a recurring nightmare about the place after finding missing the shard, and ordered him to restore the ice mirror with the remaining pieces in exchange for his freedom, knowing that the protagonist would be following her beloved to Rosemount with the last shard. While the protagonist was on her way to the castle, the Ice Queen stalled the protagonist with many obstacles, mostly created by her cyrokinesis power, in order for Edward to complete majority of the restoration.

Eventually, the protagonist arrived at the castle and gave the shard to Edward in order for him to finish his job. Despite Edward upholding the end of his ordeal, the villainess immediately went back on her words, froze Edward into ice statue, and prepared to do the same to the protagonist. The Ice Queen however, wasn't expected that the protagonist had gotten the half of her frozen heart from the spirit of Kai, as well as learning her entire past history. Though the protagonist showed a sympathy to the Ice Queen's tragedy, she realized that the villainess must be stopped in order for Edward and the rest of the world to be saved, and took the half of the heart to the highest tower of the castle where the other half was kept. The protagonist then joined both halves together and focused the ray of sun on the heart, melting it and destroying it along with the Ice Queen herself, freeing Edward from the frozen curse but still hypnotized by her spell, requiring the protagonist to perform a ritual to create a blue rose of her own, using the recipe and ingredients from the Alchemist's abandoned laboratory, to break the remaining spell and restoring Edward back to normal.

Unknown to both the protagonist and Edward, the Ice Queen's remaining spirit inside her mirror was taken away by the Alchemist along with the harvested blue roses, as he had succeeded in his own goal from their agreement, though by the time the mirror appeared in the sequel her spirit was nowhere to be found, suggesting that her spirit had perished in between the games due to the destruction of her heart.


  • In the protagonist's diary, which notes the events of the game, the Ice Queen's real name is erronously referred as Josephine De Leroy instead of Angelique. According to Big Fish Games (the publisher), Josephine was presumbly her original name before 4Friends Games changed it to Angelique in the final product.
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