Iris Reed (Swing Shift Maisie) 00
Iris Reed (Jean Rogers) is a villainess in the 1943 film "Swing Shift Maisie."

Iris is a failed actress who lives at a boarding house. Her neighbor across the hall, former showgirl Maisie Ravier, persuades her to get a job at the aircraft factory where she works. Maisie's kindness backfires on her when the object of her affection, test pilot "Breezy" McLaughlin, is more attracted to Iris. Iris and Breezy soon become engaged.

When Breezy gets his wish to join the United States Army Air Forces, he asks Maisie to look after Iris while he is away being trained. Maisie finds this a difficult task, as Iris turns out to like men altogether too much. When Iris gets fired, she uses her feminine charms to get Judd Evans, a factory clerk, to pay the rent for an apartment in his building. She skips out without paying the boarding house owner the back rent she owes, even though Maisie gives her $20 to do so, and she has just received a $100 money order from Breezy.

Maisie finds Judd comforting Iris after another "suicide attempt". She orders Iris to tell Breezy that she no longer loves him when he comes home on leave to marry her. However, Iris secretly accuses Maisie of suspicious behavior to the factory's security department. While Maisie is being questioned, Iris and Breezy drive to Yuma, Arizona to get married. Maisie cleverly confesses to being a saboteur and implicates Iris and Breezy as fellow agents. They are stopped by the police, but let go after Breezy produces his identification. However, Breezy learns that Maisie is being held, even though Iris told him that she left to attend the funeral of an aunt.

Maisie confronts Iris, and the two engage in a catfight offscreen. Maisie evidently emerges victorious, as we last see Iris sprawled on the floor, with a wastebasket full of paper shoved over her head. Breezy discovers Iris and removes the wastebasket, only to shove it back onto her head in disgust.
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