Nativehugh Nativehugh 30 May 2020

Anna (Togetherness)

Anna (Katie Aselton) is an antagonist in the HBO series "Togetherness."

Anna is a well-off stay-at-home mother who befriends protagonist Michelle and joins her effort to start a new charter school. However, Michelle begins to suspect that Anna is secretly working against her. At a fundraising gala at Anna's home, Michelle confirms her suspicions when she discovers that Anna has been meeting with the other organizers behind her back and deliberately excluding her from the planning meetings. Michelle storms out to the swimming pool and angrily confronts Anna, who fully admits to her deeds and calls Michelle ineffective and incompetent. In response, Michelle shoves Anna into the pool.

Now bitter rivals, Anna and Michelle each develop their own …

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Nativehugh Nativehugh 29 March 2020

Camilla (Eastenders)

Camilla (Laurie Hagen) is an antagonist in the June 24, 2008 episode of "Eastenders."

Camilla is a waitress at the restaurant Fargo's. She is seen waiting on main characters Shirley Carter and Heather Trott while the two have lunch together. Camilla acts rude and snobbish toward the two women, making several veiled comments about Heather's weight and eating habits. When she brings out a dessert cart at the end of their meal, Shirley confronts her about her attitude. Camilla remains hostile as ever, so Shirley responds by grabbing a large pie from the cart and shoving it in her face. Shirley and Heather then hastily leave the restaurant while Camilla splutters and whimpers under a thick coating of pie.

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Nativehugh Nativehugh 24 March 2020

Iris Reed (Swing Shift Maisie)

Iris Reed (Jean Rogers) is a villainess in the 1943 film "Swing Shift Maisie."

Iris is a failed actress who lives at a boarding house. Her neighbor across the hall, former showgirl Maisie Ravier, persuades her to get a job at the aircraft factory where she works. Maisie's kindness backfires on her when the object of her affection, test pilot "Breezy" McLaughlin, is more attracted to Iris. Iris and Breezy soon become engaged.

When Breezy gets his wish to join the United States Army Air Forces, he asks Maisie to look after Iris while he is away being trained. Maisie finds this a difficult task, as Iris turns out to like men altogether too much. When Iris gets fired, she uses her feminine charms to get Judd Evans, a factory clerk, to pay the ren…

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Nativehugh Nativehugh 21 February 2020

Eileen (What I Like About You)

Eileen (Robin Riker) is an antagonist in the WB sitcom "What I Like About You." She appears in the Season 2 episode "Spa Day" (2002).

Eileen is the manager of a day spa. When Val and Holly arrive for a spa day, she acts snobbish and condescending toward them. After Holly sneaks out to have her photo taken with JC Chasez of NSYNC, Eileen stops her from returning to the spa, inventing a "no re-entry" policy on the spot and making an employee drag her out. Holly manages to re-enter through a window and land in a mud bath, only to be discovered by Eileen, who calls her a "brat" in front of Val. Eileen then orders Val and Holly to leave.

After the two sisters have left, Eileen begins cleaning the mud bath. Val sneaks up behind her and gets revenge…

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