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    Fausta Grables (Wonder Woman)

    February 28, 2016 by Jimbo97

    Fausta Grables (Lynda Day George) is the titular main villainess from "Fausta, the Nazi Wonder Woman," the third episode of Wonder Woman (airdate April 28, 1976). She was a Nazi officer who was enlisted to lead a mission to capture Wonder Woman, which was known as Operation: Fraulein. Fausta entered America with many agents of the Nazi Party accompanying her, and disguised herself as a cleaning lady. She captured Steve Trevor by using knockout gas and uses him as bait to lure Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman rescues Steve and defeats the Grables' henchman. Fausta watched the superheroine and was impressed at her skills.

    Fausta initiates her next plan by disguising herself as Wonder Woman at the bond rally. The audience were confused when there were…

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