The villainess Connie Anderson

Connie Anderson
(Ann Hearn) was a technician working for Evan Rafferty. She appeared in the episode "The Trouble With Seth" of Murder, She Wrote.

It turns out, Connie had affections towards Evan, she even cared for his son, Will, as he was growing up. When she discovered that Evan was actually a wanted convicted criminal named Stanley Barton. She had sworn to protect Evan.

However, Leo Fender, the convicted criminal who testified against Evan/Stanley, arrived in Cabot Cove to kill Evan. Also, Julia Harris, the daughter of Leo's partner in crime, Rudy Harris, arrived in town to wreak revenge against Evan for putting her father to jail. Connie recognised Leo, despite posing a fake persona – Ronald Olson. She contacted Leo to negotiate with him and Leo called back. Connie went to Leo's motel suite to confront him, only to discover that Leo left to Dr. Seth Hazlitt's practice and Evan was following him. Connie followed them both to the clinic, where she saw the brawl between Leo and Evan, with Evan knocked out. As Leo was about to kill Evan, Connie snuck behind Leo and stabbed him with a letter opener. Connie dumped Leo's body in the woods while Evan was left unharmed. As the investigation ensues, it was thought that Dr. Hazlitt was murdered (only to reveal that he was stuck in traffic).

Jessica Fletcher revealed Connie as the murderer after she discovered that Connie knew Evan Rafferty's true identity, due to her affections towards him. Jessica had set up a bluff and using Connie's love to Evan to urge her to confess to the murder. Eventually, Connie confessed and she revealed that she would kill Julia Harris if necessary. In Sheriff Metzger's office, Connie revealed her love towards Evan, believing that he was innocent of the crime that Leo committed years ago. It was later revealed that Evan really was innocent.

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