Roxy Pellegrini
Roxy Pellegrini is one of the founding members of The Misfits. She's the "tough-as-nails" bassist of the group. 

Roxy was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Before joining the group, Roxy had taken small jobs, such as a waitress, after she ran away from home around the age of 13. She dropped out of a high school and was near-illiterate until Ba Nee, one of the Starlight Girls, gave her a kids' book so she could learn how to read. She's determined to be a star and show everyone back home that she has made it.

Roxy is the toughest member of The Misfits; however, she can be kind and sensitive on occasion. Roxy doesn't take negative attitude or criticism well from others. Her anger issues appear to be caused mostly by being out of touch with what's going on, with things passing over her head. When she's in the right state of mind a clearer personality emerges; the tough girl with a smart mind, but also a girl that shows signs of vulnerability because she had a very bad childhood.

Roxy is a "hands on" kind of girl. If it needs kicking, thumping on or fiddling about with, Roxy's the go-to girl, but delicate is not a word in her vocabulary. Despite her lack of time for education and illiteracy, she's far from being stupid.

In Roxy Rumbles she knows how much of her money she's losing from the tax accountants and is also aware that even Eric Raymond is shortchanging her on her wages from the start. Since the only evidence of Eric wheeling-and-dealing with her comes in Roxy Rumbles, moments before she walks out on the group, it's fair to say that Roxy knows precisely how much money she should be getting. In The Day the Music Died, Roxy points out that the Starlight Girls costs are coming out of The Misfits pockets. In addition, when Eric suggests a new Misfit in The Talent Search (Part 1), Roxy says: "Who needs a four-way split?", this references her acute grasp of financial matters, since she's clearly referring to the division of royalties and profits.

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