Tammy Baker

Villainous nanny Tammy Baker

Tammy Baker is the villainess of "Murder-Go-Round", case #15 of Criminal Case: Pacific Bay, the 2nd season of the crime solving game Criminal Case (release date July 17, 2014). She was the nanny for Andrew Kamarov, the son of Nikolai and Odette Kamarov. After Odette was found dead on a playground carousel and Andrew was kidnapped, Tammy was questioned by the player and detective Amy Young, with her claiming that Andrew disappeared while they were at the playground while also ranting on how Nikolai was an unfit father due to his status as the leader of the Russian mafia.

Ultimately, though, the evidence indicated that Tammy was both Andrew's kidnapper and Odette's killer. As revealed over the course of the investigation, Odette resented Andrew for the fact that she had to end her ballet career once she became a mother, leading her to become a neglectful mother to him. When Tammy learned that Odette was refusing to vaccinate her son, Tammy decided she had to kill Odette for Andrew's sake, poisoning Odette's coffee with blood thinner. The poison began to take effect as Odette and Tammy were picking Andrew up from school, and Tammy left Odette on the carousel before taking Andrew to her apartment. Tammy later returned to make sure Odette had died, and additionally wrote "evil woman" on Odette's jacket in chalk.

Tammy left traces of stew on Odette's neck when she felt for her pulse, and this was among other pieces of evidence that pointed to her guilt, leading the detectives to bring her into the station. After initially trying to plead innocence, Tammy confessed, voicing her resentment at Odette's treatment of Andrew and stating that she'd killed her to protect Andrew, adding that she wrote the message on Odette's jacket to let the world know what she really was. Tammy was arrested and Andrew was found safe in her apartment, and during her trial, Tammy tearfully pled that she'd only been motivated by a desire to keep Andrew safe and loved and asked that he be well cared for while she was in prison. Judge Edward Dante ultimately sentenced Tammy to life in prison.


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