Skyler Reid

Villainous bully Skyler Reid

Skyler Reid (Kelli Goss) is the secondary antagonist of the TV film Sexting in Suburbia and is the daughter of Patricia.

Role in the Film

Skyler is first seen in the crowd as Dina Van Cleve was harassed at school. Six weeks earlier, Dina won Homecoming Queen (but not before the field hockey game), leaving the former's mother jealous that she (not Dina) lost. Skyler was at the dance while Dina took her dress off and took a few naked photos of herself.

The next day, Dina is surprised that one of the other girls said to "take it (her clothes) off" as the now-bullied student walks while feeling insecure enough to talk to their friend, Claire Stevens in the bathroom. In the locker room, Skyler tells Claire that Dina broke the rules over a nude photo by revealing her face ending with "no birthmarks".

Another later flashback happened later in the film as Dina was kicked out of the team by their coach after Dina reported the incident after numerous bullying in the field over a nude photo. Dina calls Skyler a "bitch" before the latter says that it was "better than being a slut". Dina fights with her as Skyler has a nosebleed and to tell Claire that she was "not spineless".

Following Dina's suicide, Rachel Van Cleve asks numerous questions to many other students, even Claire, Skyler, and Dina's boyfriend Mark Carey (who Skylar was dating behind Dina's back). Mark was falsely accused of child pornography and was then arrested by police.

Her mother's villainess revelation comes when Skylar finds Dina's photo on her phone, having sent to herself as a sort of trophy. When Skylar confronts her about sending out the photo, along with all her other acts against Rachel, Patricia contests that she did it for her, believing that Dina was making Skylar miserable, along with saying that she would understand when she had children. When Skylar points out how Dina was driven to suicide because of what Patricia did, Patricia shouts that, while she only meant it as a prank and wouldn't have done it had she known what Dina would do, her hands are clean in regards to Dina's death. Disgusted and upset, Skylar runs out of the house and drives away. Patricia texts Skylar begging for forgiveness, and as Patricia is arrested for distributing child pornography, Skylar starts to text her back saying she'll never forgive her before crashing her car into a tree.

Later in the hospital, Dina apologizes at least a few times and their friendship was not real. Skyler may not walk again due to being paralyzed from the waist down. The Reids are not seen again after Patricia starts crying while Dina would see her in court.


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