Seymour Stump's Mother

Seymour Stump's villainous cheating mother

Seymour Stump's unnamed mother (Joey Paul Jensen) is a minor villainess from "Spelling Bee", episode 1.15 of Hey Arnold! (airdate November 20, 1996). She was the mother of Seymour Stump, a competitor in Hillwood's city-wide spelling bee along with main protagonist Arnold and Helga Pataki, with the winner receiving a cash prize.

Seymour was first introduced once only he, Arnold, and Helga remained in the competition, with Seymour's next word being "pasquinade". To the shock of both Arnold's friend Gerald Johanssen and even the moderator, Seymour spelled the word correctly, with Seymour bowing as the audience applauded him. But as he did, an earpiece fell from his ear, leading to the reveal that Seymour's villainous mother had outfitted him with an earpiece so she could give him the spellings of the words he got.

As Seymour bemoaned his revealing himself as a cheater, his mother (who was in a van outside) began trying to talk to him, asking him if he had gotten his latest word right. After seeing the earpiece, the moderator had a man carry Seymour off the stage, with Seymour shouting that he was "just a pawn in a corrupt game" as he was taken away and thus ejected from the competition. The fate of Seymour's mother, however, was left unknown.


  • Seymour Stump's mother is very similar to the Cheating Boy's Mom from 2006's Akeelah And The Bee, as both are mothers whose sons are competitors in a spelling bee and resort to helping them cheat to win. Both women also suffer the same fate of their son being exposed and disqualified, though neither receive any onscreen retribution.
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