Snobbish bully Sarah

Sarah (Ashly Burch) was a minor villainess of the 2015 video game Life Is Strange. She was a student at Blackwell Academy and a member of the exclusive Vortex Club. Sarah appeared in Episode 4 of the game, "Dark Room", as a guard to the VIP lounge of Blackwell's "End of the World" party.

If protagonist Max Caulfield approached Sarah to try and enter the lounge, as she was attempting to warn Victoria Chase that she was in danger, Sarah would deny Max entry for not being a Vortex Club member. Even if Max had added her name to the guest list or had convinced Courtney Wagner to include her, the vain Sarah would refuse to let Max in, displaying her anger over having to guard the VIP area in Courtney's absence.

After that, the player's choices affect Sarah's fate. If Max goes around the pool to get into the lounge through the back, Sarah would get away with her behavior and not appear for the rest of the game. If Max went to Courtney and informed her of Sarah's actions, she would (if Max had earned her good graces) reveal her distaste in Sarah's egotistic attitude before angrily confronting her, telling her she was cut from the Vortex Club and allowing Max entrance, with Sarah looking sheepishly as Max went inside. Sarah can also presumably die in the end of the game along with most of Arcadia Bay's residents if Max chooses to sacrifice Arcadia Bay to save her friend Chloe Price.


  • Ironically, Ashly Burch also provides the voice for protagonist Chloe Price.
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